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I am Jasmine and a certified, nitpicking shoe lover. From the very first pumps that I designed and hand-made, I knew that I wanted to create chic and high quality shoes and nothing less! Thus, I
 started Nene Shoes in 2015 focused on making stylish and sophisticated matching shoes for women and girls.

Nene (pronounced /ne-ne/, “ne” as “net”), is my tribute to my Mama who passed away in 1993. Her name means 'small/young girl' in Spanish and Filipino, and is also a common name for ladies. With my vision to connect moms and daughters through shoes they will love, I believe this is the most apt name for the brand.

My initial collection debuted in Fall 2015 as a result of a year-long, worldwide search to source the best and most appropriate raw materials. Nene shoes work with factories (in China & Italy) to produce our Emma flats, Carmen wedge, Reese d’Orsay, Lesly derby and Joyce sneakers. My promise to you is that our brand Nene will adhere to the following:

  • stylish, comfortable, sophisticated styles - matching shoes need not have huge bows, nor overly done features
  • high-quality, tested & certified materials - we have kids too and, as parents, there is no compromise for safety and quality

I am thrilled that we could be part of your journey of heart-warming tales, making and sharing memories with your little ones, in your lovely matching Nene shoes.

Jasmine Mendoza
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